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ERWIN Course Content

ERWIN Online Training

ERWIN Course Content

Lession 1: Data Modeling Concepts
Lession 2: ERwin
  • Database Design Made Easy
  • Implement Enterprise-wide Design Standards
  • ERwin's Benefits
  • CA Modeling Suite Manages Application Development
Lession3: The Premier Model Solution At Your Fingertips
  • ERwin Overview And Installation Information
  • How Do I Use ERwin?
  • Before You Begin
  • Target Databases Supported by ERwin
  • Before You Install ERwin
  • ERwin's Easy Installation Procedure
Lession 4: ERwin's New And Advanced Features
  • Introducing Product Enhancements
  • What's New In ERwin?
  • What's New In ERwin 7.3 or later?
  • Flexible Support Of Multiple Model Types
  • Adaptable Menu Structure
  • The Model Explorer
  • What Can You Do In The Model Explorer?
  • Using The Model Explorer Context Menu
  • Model Pane
  • Subject Areas Pane
  • Domains Pane
  • Dockable Toolbars
  • ERwin Toolbox
  • Selecting, Moving, and Resizing Objects
  • Alignment, Spacing, And Grouping Tools
  • Drawing Tools
Lession 5: Putting ERwin To Work
  • Working With Data Models
  • What Is An Entity?
  • What Is An Attribute?
  • What Is A Relationship?
  • What Is A Foreign Key?
  • Creating A Data Model
  • Enhance Your Data Model
  • Splitting A Logical/Physical Data Model
  • Derive A New Model
  • Forward Engineering
  • What's Next?
Lession 6: Jump Start Your Data Design Process
  • Use Existing Data To Build A New Model
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Using The Reverse Engineer Wizard
  • Using ERwin's Complete Compare
  • What's Next?
Lession 7: Build Reports On Your ERwin Models!
  • Learn What Report Builder Can Do
  • Lession 8: Using ERwin's Advanced Features!
  • Working With Design Layers
  • What Is A Design Layer?
  • Other Design Layer Hierarchies
  • Creating New Design Layers
  • Creating New Design Layers
  • Splitting A Model
  • Deriving A Model
  • Adding a Model Source
  • What Is A Transform?
  • Transform Toolbar
  • Applying Transforms
  • Expected Transform Results
  • Transforms And The Model Explorer
  • Resolving And Reversing Transforms
  • Synchronizing Changes Between Design Layers
  • Preserving Model History
  • How to design Dimensional Model using Erwin
  • ETL Rules using CA Erwin Data Modeler
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