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RKSOFT is the first institute offers Oracle Hyperion Financial Management HFM online and classroom training from Hyderabad by great legend Oracle HFM certified trainer having 13 + years of experience. We have achieved 100 % success rate with the help of RKSOFT owned patent course content. We will cover real time project scenarios and project complete SDLC including test cases and test plans real time project scenarios,practical and hands on exercises,certification free guidence

HFM Course

Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) Training

RKSOFT,is dedicated oracle HFM training institute offers guarantee Hyperion HFM course to achieve your career goals.We achieves hyperion placement key success rate through discovering and developing core quality course content

Course Description: learn Oracle HFM, Consolidation, FDQM and HFR

Course Level: Advanced Expert Level HFM

Course Duration: 80 Hours 

No of HFM Classes: 36    
Learning Mode: ‎LIVE Instructor Led Online & classroom Training
Tools: Oracle Hyperion HFM
About Trainer: HFM Certified technical and Functional trainer and Subject Matter expert with 16 years of experience

HFM course content: High quality and placement assistance Oracle Hyperion Financial Management HFM course curriculum has been prepared 

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RKSOFT is No. 1 Leading Hyperion Financial Management online and classroom training Institute in Hyderabad delivering high quality, cost effective, flexible, completely project oriented and placement assistance training.We are also provides IT Hyperion infrastructure management courses and solutions. 

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Oracle Hyperion Financial Management HFM is a core consolidation tool.It has the best Key Performance Indicator analysis capability. It will supports the financial reporting consolidation works under different finance regulations of Indian GAAP, IFRS and US GAAP. This system is SOX compliant. By using this tool, we can easily prepare the financial consolidated report. This will reduce preparation time from months to day.Compare to other tools quality performance areas are data collection, cross-group terminology, inter-company operations, Currency conversion calculations. It will reduce external auditing cost.It is a unified reporting system and unique set of reporting rules for management and statutory needs.

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Course Name: Create and Manage Applications

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Create the metadata structure including accounts, entities,scenarios, and custom dimensions
  • Import and export data and metadata
  • Create and deploy applications
  • View and enter data by creating data forms and grids
  • Define simple business calculations using Calculation Manager
  • Enter intercompany transactions and perform data consolidation
  • Manage the financial review cycle using process management
  • Set up security including users, groups, security classes, and access rights

Course Structure

HFM Administration Training is a 5-day, LIVE instructor-led training course consisting of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises. In this course, the instructor presents a topic conceptually by explaining its purpose, demonstrating how it works, and then guiding the students through the exercises. Demonstrations and hands-on exercises reinforce the concepts and skills introduced during lectures.

HFM Hands on training Exercises 

A critical part of the learning process is the challenge of completing real tasks associated with each lesson. Each exercise is an opportunity to apply your new knowledge.

Exercise Solutions

The exercise solutions present the detailed steps to successfully complete the exercises.

Financial Management

Financial Management delivers global data collection, financial consolidation, reporting and analysis in one highly scalable solution.

Financial Management enables highly efficient collection and consolidation of data from diverse sources. It includes these features:

  • Process management for tight control of the review and approval process
  • Data validation
  • Currency translation to support multiple local currencies
  • Automatic eliminations for inter company transactions
  • Financial Management is designed for large-scale, centralized Web deployment. You can use it to consolidate data from diverse general ledger systems and locations around the globe.

HFM Course Content:

Introduction to Financial Management
About Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management Suite
Financial Management Solution
Financial Consolidation, Reporting, Analysis and Product Components
Financial Management Architecture
Navigating in Financial Management
Logging On to Work-space
Financial Management Applications Overview
Opening Applications
Navigating Financial Management
Selecting Member list
Setting the Point of View
Managing Dimensions with Performance Management Architect
Dimension Library
Creating Dimensions
Creating Dimension Members
Property Value Inheritance
Creating Alternate Hierarchies
Managing Members
Working with Grid Editor
Setting Up Languages
Importing Dimensions from a File
About Metadata Load Files
Formatting Metadata Load Files
Setting Up Dimensions
Managing Languages
Loading Metadata
Viewing Job Status
Loading Metadata with Interface Tables
Creating and Deploying Applications
Creating Applications
Working with Local and Shared Dimensions
Configuring Application Settings
Deploying Application Process
Validating Applications
Deploying Applications
Viewing Job Status
Creating Classic Applications
Configuring Accounts and Custom Dimensions
About Accounts and Custom Dimensions
Setting Up Account Types and Hierarchies
Setting Up Accounts and Custom Dimensions
Auditing Account Data
Inter company Account and Other Account Properties
Setting Up Entities, Calendars, and Scenarios
Setting Up Entities
Setting Up Calendars
Setting Up Scenarios
Loading Data
Formatting Data Load Files
Loading Data Files
Extracting Data
Copying and Removing Data
Entering Data Using Data Grids
Accessing Data Grids
Setting Up the Grid Layout and Display
Saving Grid Settings
Entering Data
Spreading and Calculating Data
Adding Cell Text and Line-Item Detail
Using Data Grids in Smart View
Creating Member Lists in Financial Management
About Member Lists
System and User-Defined Member Lists
Creating Member Lists
Identifying Member Lists in a File
Creating Static Member Lists
Creating Dynamic Member Lists
Loading and Extracting Member Lists
Managing Rules With Calculation Manager
Calculation Manager Overview
Creating Formulas
Creating Rules
Creating Rule Sets
Deploying Rules
Importing and Exporting Calculation Manager Objects
Setting Up Security
About Levels of Security
Provisioning User and Group Security
Application Settings for Security
Data Access and Document Access
Assigning Access to Security Classes
Running Security Reports
Loading and Extracting Security
Creating Data Forms
About Data Forms
Accessing the Form Designer
Defining the Point of View
Defining Columns and Rows
Formatting Columns and Rows
Using Data Forms in Smart View
Creating and Managing Task Lists
About Task Lists
Creating Task Lists
Adding Items to Task Lists
Organizing Task List Items
Entering Inter company Data
Inter company Transactions Overview
Inter company Elimination Process
Setting Up Entities and Accounts for Inter company Data
Creating and Running Inter company Matching Reports
Formatting Inter company Reports with Oracle BI Publisher
Adjusting Data with Journals
Journals Overview
Opening Periods for Journal Entry
Journal Balance Types
Creating Journal Templates and Journals
Enter Data in Journals
Managing the Journals Review Process
Creating and Running Journal Reports
Managing Journals in Smart View
Translating Data
Data Translation Overview
Entering Exchange Rates
Checking Translation Status
Translating Data in Data Grids
Custom Translations Overview
Running Consolidations
Consolidation Process Overview
Managing Ownership Percentages
Checking Consolidation Status
Consolidating Data
Setting Up Organization by Period
Managing the Review Cycle Using Process Management
Process Management Overview
Enabling Process Management
Managing Phased Submission
Viewing Process Units
Validating Process Units
Moving Process Units Through the Review Cycle
Locking and Unlocking Data
Managing and Migrating Applications
Viewing Logged On Users
Logging Users Off the System
Adding Years to Applications
Configuring Application Modules and System Settings
Migrating Financial Management Applications
Migrating Performance Management Architect Artifacts
Migrating User, Groups, and Security Access
Creating Application Snap Shots
Analyzing Data Using Smart View
Smart View Overview
Connecting to a Data Source
Viewing Data with the Ad-hoc Analysis Tool
Suppressing Data
Formatting Data
Calculating, Translating, and Consolidating
Creating Analyses Using Query Builder
Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Fusion Edition
Oracle Hyperion Performance Scorecard, Fusion Edition
Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance, Fusion Edition
Oracle Hyperion Planning, Fusion Edition
Oracle Hyperion Capital Asset Planning, Fusion Edition
Oracle Hyperion Workforce Planning, Fusion Edition
Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management, Fusion Edition
Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Fusion Edition
Oracle Strategic Operational Planning, Fusion Edition

Performance Management Applications

Oracle’s performance management applications are a modular suite of integrated applications that support the entire financial management cycle of goal setting, modeling, planning, monitoring, analysis, and reporting Applications include:

RKSOFT Training Formats:

Learn Hyperion Financial Management(HFM) from the experts for in-depth training on your business analytics software in either classroom or instructor led online formats.
On-demand training availability for students who need training immediately to prepare for project start dates
Learn Hyperion Financial Management(HFM) with the same course content, class exercises and hands-on labs as classroom training without the need to travel.
We can Customize the course material to suit your Project business requirement.
Oracle Hyperion Financial Management(HFM) Certification provides an industry standard benchmark for technical competence, and offers validation for professionals who work with HFM.
RKSOFT offer you a range of certifications and provide a way for professionals to demonstrate their competence in a competitive marketplace. Oracle Hyperion Financial Management(HFM) Certification is highly recognized in the industry.You can enhance career advancement and opportunities.
RKSOFT offers a range of courses to suit your application, role, timeline and preferred learning format. Offered via instructor-led or self-paced courses, Hyperion Financial Management(HFM) standard and customized training programs are designed to match your unique project requirements.
HFM Class duration time: Hyperion Financial Management(HFM) typically run for 5 full days including Hands on Lab

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