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Pentaho Data Integration PDI Training in Hyderabad

Expert Level Live pentaho Online & classroom Job oriented Training from Hyderabad by IT award winner, certified professional trainer with 18 + Years of experience offers placement assistance training. Enroll TODAY to learn pentaho data integration PDI, ETL, BI and data ware House big data

Course Description: learn pentaho 6.1, ETL, BI and data ware House big data

Course Duration: 80 Hours 
No of TM1 Classes: ‎23    
Learning Mode: ‎LIVE Instructor Led Online & classroom Training
Tools: pentaho 6.1
About Trainer: Highly talented Certified technical trainer and pentaho Subject Matter expert(SME) with 18 + years of experience
Pentaho course content: High quality and placement assistance pentaho course curriculum has been prepared 
Course Level: Advanced Expert Level pentaho course        
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Online training on pentaho from Hyderabad

Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) online Training

Best pentaho 6.1 training in Hyderabad
Pentaho online training

RK SOFT is the fastest growing World level best online and classroom training institute in Hyderabad started by best of best, highly talented and proven industry experts with an aim to provide high Quality Training in the latest tools and Technologies. Pentaho PDI and BI online training will make you Pentaho Subject Matter Expert(SME). 

Pentaho Data Integration PDI training is one of the most hottest technology(skill) in the IT software industry field.It is very usefull to integrate the data for big data and hadoop tachnology. Learn both Pentaho and Hadoop and will become a ETL developer or BI consultant.

Advantages with RK SOFT:

  • Complete pentaho LIVE project explanation
  • 60 Hours of pentaho hands on training exercises
  • End to End pentaho Workshop 
  • Job assistance training in all countries
  • Resume Preparation assistance
  • Placement assistance
  • Project Scenarios 
  • Live Application knowledge
  • Pentaho course materials
  • Pentaho advance training based on your application

Pentaho Course Content:-

Basic Conceptual Architecture & Architectural Components

  • What is pentaho
  • Dimensional modeling
  • Dimensional design
  • Star schema-what and by (model)
  • Star schema –what and by (language)
  • Conformed dimensions
  • Additive vs. semi-additive facts
  • Snow flake schema
  • Star vs. Dimensional schema
  • Slowly changing dimensions

Clustering in Pentaho

  • Files in pentaho
  • Spoon.bat
  • Pan.bat
  • Kitech.bat
  • Carte.bat
  • Encr.bat
  • Spoon transformation and its steps of transformation
  • How to create a connection in DB
  • How to move a data from CSV file input to table output
  • How to move the data from CSV file input to the Microsoft excel output
  • How to move the data from Microsoft excel input to write to log
  • Data Grid
  • Generate rows

Data Transformation-Changing the Data from one form to another form

  • How to add constant
  • How to add sequence
  • Add value field changing sequence
  • How the calculator work in pentaho
  • No. range in pentaho
  • Replace in string
  • Select values-select field value
  • Select field value to constant
  • Sort rows
  • Split field to rows
  • String operation-string cut
  • Unique rows
  • Unique rows (hash set)
  • Value mapper


  • Revision of SSH command
  • How to handle the null value in pentaho
  • Mail in pentaho
  • Error handling in pentaho
  • Filter rows
  • Priorities stream

Implementation of SCD & Jobs

  • Revision of SCD type 2
  • Jobs
  • Differences between jobs and transformation
  • How to make ETL dynamic
  • How to make transformation dynamic
  • File management
  • Create folder
  • Conditions
  • Scripting
  • Bulk loading
  • XML
  • Utility
  • Repository
  • File transfer
  • File encryption

Types of Repository in Pentaho

  • How to make ETL dynamic
  • Difference between parameter and variable
  • How to pass a variable from a job to transformation
  • How to use a parameter within a transformation
  • How to set and get the value from a job to a transformation
  • Environmental variable
  • Functionality of repository in pentaho
  • Data base connection
  • Repository import

Pentaho Repository & Report Designing

  • Basic operational report/dashboard
  • Row bending effect in pentaho
  • Report designing
  • How to public the report/dashboard
  • How pentaho server BI looks like
  • How to create Bar chart, Pi chart and Line chart in pentaho
  • Limitation of design the product
  • Sub report/dashboard in pentaho

Adhoc Reporting/Dashboard

  • How to pass parameter in report/dashboard?
  • Drill down report/dashboard
  • How to create report/dashboard using cubes?
  • How to create report/dashboard using excel sheet?
  • How to create report/dashboard using Pentaho Data Integration

What is Cube

  • What are the benefit of cube?
  • How to create the cube?
  • How to deploy a cube?
  • How to create a report/dashboard using a cube?

What is MDX?

  • MDX basics
  • MDX in practice
  • Cells
  • Tuple implicit added aggregation member
  • Tuple
  • Tuple implicit dimensions
  • Sets in MDX
  • Selects
  • Referencing dimensions,level members
  • •Member referencing
  • •Positional
  • Hierarchical navigation
  • Hierarchical navigation MISC
  • Functions
  • Meta data

Creating Pentaho Analyzer Report
ETL Connectivity with Hadoop Ecosystem

  • How ETL tools work in Big data Industry
  • Connecting to HDFS from ETL tool and moving data from Local system to HDFS
  • Moving Data from DBMS to HDFS
  • Working with Hive with ETL Tool
  • Creating Map Reduce job in ETL tool
  • End to End ETL PoC showing Hadoop integration with ETL tool

Creating dashboards in Pentaho

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