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Infra support

RKSOFT Offering:

  • A detailed planning session prior to the upgrade or migration.
  • Analysis of server capabilities to ensure compatibility with any load increases from new versions.
  • Plans for server migration and installation.
  • Stress testing of your systems.
  • Disaster recovery plans.
  • Historical data reconciliation.
  • Training programs and materials for your employees.

  • Ensure all the technologies, processes and procedures are considered.
  • Seamless transition and reduction of risk.
  • A reduction of dependency on IT.
  • Safe and secure data migration.
  • A history of hundreds of successful upgrades and migrations.
  • Taking care of the latest upgrades, versions and patches.


  • Complete installation and configuration.
  • Load Balancing, Failover, Clustering, etc.
  • Disaster Recovery, Backup, and Restore process definition, and configuration
  • Reliable recovery, non-disruptive testing automation, and simplified testing of recovery plans.
  • System health checks designed to ensure optimal configuration, consistency, and system management.
  • Hardware sizing, review, and recommendations.
  • Automation of infrastructure and application maintenance operations.
  • Technical Architecture Design
  • Technical Infrastructure assessment to categorize and inventory systems, document existing technical attributes, and compare current to target technical architectures. Deliverables include a diagram of the system that will house the proposed solution.
  • Performance Optimization—All applications and platforms
  • Systematic approach to identifying, tuning, and eliminating bottlenecks until the your application meets your performance objectives.
  • Technical Reviews and Assessments
  • Review client systems with an eye to expanding them to reduce workload, solve additional business problems, and increase the value of your investment.
  • Recommend how to improve ROI, streamline processes, customize interfaces, and if warranted update or upgrade the system as a whole.
  • Identify process controls that need to be implemented to meet compliance requirements.

System Administration - 

Data load and validation, metadata maintenance, update and run calculations and consolidations, manage security, (re)start services, inform on patch and version releases, and execute backup, failover, and recovery procedures.

Service Desk & Support - 

  • Troubleshoot end user configuration and application issues, assist data reconciliation and investigations, escalate software defects to Vendor.
  • Set up and maintain user security
  • Assist in investigation of data load, export, and synchronization issues
  • Troubleshoot business application issues
  • Clarify and improve business functionality
  • Create and maintain documentation

Other App Services:

  • Implement, develop and maintain IBM Cognos TM1/Other Technologies.
  • Design, dimensions, cubes, rules, feeder and TurboIntegrator development.
  • Perform analysis and partner with other finance staff to ensure the financial results are accurate and complete.
  • Automating Extract, Transform and Load of data to Cognos TM1 from various Relational & OLAP sources.
  • Design, test and implement reliable, scalable, and efficient Cognos TM1 solutions.
  • Design, test and implement user interfaces to the TM1 platforms.
  • Document TM1 processes, model design and data flow.
  • Maintain OLAP multi-dimensional cubes and support dimension management, metadata design/maintenance and ETL development.
  • Bridge the gap between the business and IT ensuring common understanding of the data, support improvements with a view to increase efficiency and flexibility.
  • Partner with other team members in the technical design of various TM1 applications.
  • Participate in various team meetings and provide input as the business requirements are converted into technical requirements.
  • Contribute to the development, maintenance and delivery of end-user trainings.
  • Support the TM1 User Community when required by working on assigned support tickets and end user inquiries.
  • Build models and "what-if" studies to simulate different scenarios.
  • Design and supervise different analytical models/reports/ad-hoc.
  • Identify and analyze key performance company measures, create dashboards and analytical information for top management and executives.
  • Prepare special projects and reports used by all management levels.
  • Use a variety of technologies, programming languages and tools to extract data from different sources ensuring data integrity in analysis.
  • Collaborate with different business departments to understand business needs and reporting requirements.
  • Develop, implement and support new and existing company’s financial reports to reduce reporting timelines and improve quality.
  • Provide user trainings and support for new, existing and modified reporting systems.